Solar Capital Leasing works with your Business, School, Municipality or Non-Profit to build Solar Power systems that
  • Solar Systems that are installed with no Capital Investment
  • Leasing Programs that provide 100% of the total project cost
  • Repayment loans are reduced by 50% by monetizing tax credits
  • Income Guaranteed for 20+ years with Power Purchase Agreements
  • Systems produce power for 40+ yrs. Tier 1 equipment
  • Option to Purchase the Solar System at End of Term
  • No Maintenance or Operating Expenses for first year

Company Overview
Solar Capital Leasing is a leading renewable energy company that is taking action towards creating a sustainable future for our investors, communities and customers. As a professional services and project development company we combine energy knowledge, investment banking expertise and management experience to help municipalities, schools, non-profits, businesses and homeowners to maximize energy savings and reduced harmful green house gas emissions.

Experienced Funders
Experienced financial company that focus on renewable solar distribution (50.0 kW to 100.0 MW) with a management team that coordinates the design, project development, financing and operatation of renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass) projects.

Solar Capital Leasing is a community scale commercial developer that finances, builds, owns and maintains the power generation project. We are focused on municipalities, schools and non-profits and together with our experienced installation partners have installed over 100 MW of renewable energy in the past two years.

Through Public-Private partnerships we encourage energy independence and the use of clean, renewable energy in Municipalities, Schools, Non-Profits and Business.

Solar Capital Leasing
Solar Capital Leasing is an experienced financier concentrating on the solar distributed generation power space (50.0 kW to 100.0 MW). We are focused on financing the development and ownership of solar systems to supply electricity to municipalities, schools, universities, non-profits and creditworthy commercial off-takers.

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Lease Proposal?
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